Useful tips when choosing a scooter

Consider why people choose scooters and scrapping a car in ontario. Basically, this type of transport is chosen for the reason of fuel economy. Not unimportant and factor maneuverability and easy operation of the vehicle. However, before you buy a scooter, it is advisable to understand more carefully why people buy scooters, as opposed to, say, motorcycles or mopeds.

In order to better understand the benefits of scooters, it is necessary to identify its main functions. At the same time, you need to understand that depending on the type of scooters, their functions are different:

Mini. This vehicle has a weight of 50 to 70 kg. It can not go very fast, the maximum speed on the best road will be 70 km h. It is ideal for urban travel on flat pavement. It is not recommended to choose it for an area where there is no good road.
Conventional. This vehicle is more versatile. It is chosen by adult passengers, because it can easily handle a load of up to 120 kg. Usually it makes sense to choose it not only for an equal road surface, but also for unpaved roads. That is why a regular scooter is the ideal vehicle for the countryside. The minimum wheel radius of an ordinary scooter is 12 dm.
Maxi. This is a special type of transport, which is not very often found on our roads. As a rule, it is chosen by tourists to travel. It can reach a speed of 120 km, even with a load of two passengers.
How to choose a scooter, depending on the country of manufacture

Customers often try to choose European scooters, because their quality is better than scooters made in China. However, there is a good alternative to the European scooter – its Japanese version. In general, such machines are cheaper than the European on


You can find scooters on the market for $ 700. If you are planning to buy a new scooter, you can pay attent

ion to some Chinese models. It is nice that Chinese manufacturers have begun to be more careful in production, and therefore the quality of Chinese technology has changed for the better. On such a vehicle can go not only out of the village in the woods for fishing, but also without problems to ride around town.

What scooter to choose for out-of-town trips?

In order to ride smoothly on a bad road, you need to choose a standard scooter. However, it is

very important to consider a few additional factors. A very important parameter is the value of the load capacity. The vehicle should easily carry an adult passenger weighing up to 120 kg, as well as about 30 kg of cargo. Thus, the total load capacity should be up to 180 kg.

The air filter should preferably be as high as possible, so that it will not be contaminated by dust and bogs. The minimum wheel size should be 12 dm.


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