How do I change a hub bearing?

The hub bearing is the element that ensures the integrity of the wheel mount. If it fails, the wheel mount can be destroyed. In some cases, buying new parts is impractical. Instead, it is better to recycle the machine:

Therefore, the car owner needs to know how to change the hub bearing – the more so that it can be done with their own hands, without turning to masters. However, in order to perform it all yourself, it is not enough to read the instructions and watch the video. It is also necessary to know the signs of malfunction.

When it is time to change the bearing

There are two characteristic signs, according to which you can understand that it is time to change the hub bearing. The first is the appearance of a humming noise in the relevant area. It is necessary to listen to the appearance of extraneous noise. If the bearing is out of order, the character of the sound may change with increasing speed. But such sound can also be caused by the failure of camber adjustment. In this case, it is necessary to check the presence of the second sign – this is the wheel backlash, both lateral and axial. It is supplemented by uneven wear of tire tread.

Vibration of a wheel, deviation of a car sideways while driving tell that it is time for replacement of a hub bearing. In general it is worth considering that the front wheel hub bearing functions normally for 100 thousand km. Further it needs to be replaced. And if a car drives on a rural off-road, the wear comes faster.

How to replace the hub bearing with your own hands: inspection and preparation
This procedure is carried out in several stages. Before you replace the hub bearing, its condition is checked:

first it is necessary to suspend the wheel with the help of a hoist or jack so that it can be freely twisted,
turn the wheel a few times without rubbing the pads against the disc, because that would distort the picture. Listen for extraneous noises, but remember to double-check the noises,
hold the edges of the wheel with your hands, rocking it in different directions.
If in the process of checking will be found backlash, then check the nuts. It is necessary to study the specification of the car. The documentation for VAZ or Niva products will necessarily indicate the value of the tightening torque.

Nuts tighten as follows – remove the protective cap, cotter pin, check the tightening force (here you will need the help of an assistant, which in such cases sit behind the wheel and ask to put pressure on the brake), correct the situation if necessary.

In order to change the hub bearing, you must first prepare the tools, in particular, socket wrenches, pliers, a special hub puller and others. At the same time, you will need auto grease and protective gloves.

The process of replacing the bearing step by step

There are two ways of replacement. In the first case, you do not need to remove the knuckle and then perform a camshaft alignment. But this requires an overpass, which is not available in every garage.

The second option involves disassembly work:

using a wheel elevator to remove the wheel,
remove the hub nuts and bolts, which fix the brake element,
Disk is released from the fasteners, but the caliper on the rack spring should be left,
remove the thrust washer and remove the bearing.
From the bearing should be removed with a special puller to remove the outer part and the ring. The latter will be used as a spacer for the new bearing. The seating should be lubricated before the new bearing is mounted. Then the removed parts are installed in the appropriate order. Different models of cars may have their own specifics of replacement, some additional parts, so it is recommended to read the documentation first.


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