Faults in the heating and air conditioning system

Malfunctions of the heating and air conditioning system, as they say, do not affect the speed, but the trouble the motorist can bring. This is especially true during the cold season. If your car has become unfit for further operation due to a more serious breakdown, then take advantage of scrap car removal etobicoke.

The majority of heating and air conditioning system malfunctions are caused by the control system malfunctions. Another category of faults is connected with the consequences of long-term operation of the system and is represented by the corrosion of structural elements – condenser, evaporator and pipes.

Conditionally, climate control system malfunctions can be divided into sensor malfunctions, electronic control unit malfunctions and actuator malfunctions.

Input sensors of the heating and air conditioning system (climate control) can have the following faults:

open circuit in the sensor circuit;
Short circuit in the sensor circuit.

Faults in the electronic control unit include damage to the unit itself, as well as faulty switches on the dashboard.

Actuator malfunctions include:

Damage to the damper actuator;
Damage to the damper;
Damage to the damper; damper jamming;
Malfunctions of the fan motor.

The occurrence of malfunctions is evidenced by deviations in the system operation – violation of the temperature mode in the car interior, inability to regulate air flows, lack of sound of the fan motor running. At the same time, it is quite difficult to determine the specific malfunction by external signs.

Malfunctions of the ventilation and air conditioning system are determined by computer diagnostics. Malfunctions that occur are recorded and stored in the memory of the electronic control unit in the form of specific codes. Special devices are used to read the fault codes, which vary from model to model.

On some vehicle models, fault codes can be read without the need for additional devices. All necessary information is displayed on the dashboard.


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