Adjusting vehicle door sag

If you are familiar with the problem of sagging car doors, this material will prove interesting. Not everyone knows that the device of fixing on the hinge cheek riser allows you to adjust the location of the car doors in the slot of the side of the body. Also, not everyone knows about toronto car removal for cash.

Unlike the complex repair of a Peugeot robot, you will carry out such work on your own, without the involvement of professionals. The adjustment allows you to move the door down/up, forward/backward, to the outside and to the middle. Leave the gaps around the door the same, and the place of the door in the housing slot depends on the interaction between the lock and the lock’s support parts. If the doors are sagging, the lock becomes another point of support in addition to protection against intrusion. At the same time, the load on it increases, which is not very good.

If the doors are a little saggy, loosen the bolts, lower the lock to the correct position and tighten the bolts in it. Note here that as you move the retainer its bearing surface remains perpendicular to the hinge axis.

If the sag is large and it is not possible to move the retainer as described above, adjustment involves:

removing the door trim and releasing the bolts attaching it to the hinges;
after adjusting the height, lightly tighten the bolts;
after checking the clearances around the door (when closed) and the alignment of the lock with the riser lock;
as a result, the doors should not touch the body.
To set the right gaps at the areas where the doors touch the body of the car, guided by these recommendations:

Outline the profile of the hinge sashes, which are attached to the car body riser;
loosen the fastening screws;
Adjust the gaps so that they become the same – it is easy to do, guided by the outlined contour.


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