6 common driver mistakes with sad consequences

Perfect drivers who always do everything right simply do not exist. Every motorist regularly makes some mistakes, in most cases this does not entail any consequences, but it also happens vice versa. We has collected some of the most common driving errors that can even lead to an accident and scrap cars brampton.

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Driving with the hood open
If the car overheats in hot weather, then some drivers decide to open the hood to improve airflow to the engine while driving. However, this can lead to the full opening of the hood on the move, and the driver simply will not see where he is going.

Getting out of the car
Many drivers, and even passengers, get out of the car without first looking around. Quite often, this leads to the fact that a passing car crashes into an open door.

Drowned out and went
Another popular mistake motorists make is forgetting to check if the low beam headlights are off. As a result, they burn all night, and by morning, the battery is completely discharged.

Wheel bolts
After replacing a wheel with a spare, it is necessary to check the tightening of bolts or nuts several times. If this is not done, the wheel may fall off while driving, which will lead to an accident.

Checking tire pressure
Not all motorists regularly check the pressure in the wheels of their cars. But not only the handling of the car depends on this, but also the rate of tire wear, as well as fuel consumption.

Correct fit
The last popular mistake is incorrect landing while driving. Drivers often neglect the correct position of the arms, legs and back, which leads to fatigue and the inability to immediately react to traffic situations.


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